Become an Examiner, Moderator, Reviser with CCEA

Moderator for Using ICT (for Statutory Assessment skill areas)

(Post-Primary Only)


Moderators review the centre or school assessment of learners or pupils, working to the agreed assessment criteria and our procedures.

Requirements (Post-Primary Only)

Typically a moderator must:

  • attend a specification specific Briefing Meeting for each series;
  • moderate a specified number of centre or school samples;
  • complete paperwork providing feedback on how accurately and consistently the centre's or school's assessment decisions meet the agreed standards; and
  • complete a written report to be sent to the centre or school.

In Addition

We require newly-appointed moderators to attend a training event, usually held before the Briefing Meeting.

Criteria (Post-Primary Only)


To apply, you must have:

  • experience implementing Cross-Curricular ICT in a relevant sector for at least three years in the last five years;
  • involvement in providing support to teachers and implementing Cross-Curricular ICT for at least three years in the last five years;
  • Involvement in assessment of pupils in the former KS3 ICT Accreditation Scheme (2009–2013);
  • experience of using one or more of the following emerging technologies:
    • animation;
    • CAD;
    • film making;
    • game making;
    • music technology; and/or
    • using VLE (e.g. Blackboard or Moodle).
  • experience of curriculum and/or other assessment development beyond the scope of an individual school;
  • knowledge of the NI Curriculum and new assessment arrangements for Cross-Curricular Skills;
  • experience of making teacher-based assessment judgements; and
  • capability and willingness to work both independently and as part of a team.


Ideally, you will have:

  • experience of agreement trialling processes and/or experience of internal standardisation;
  • completed relevant/recent professional development or training in Using ICT;
  • experience of working collaboratively in an online environment; and
  • experience of end of Key Stage assessment.

We also welcome applications from teachers who are specification specialist teachers from a non-ICT background, fluent in Irish or have experience in Special Educational Needs.