Assessing the Areas of Learning at Key Stage 4

Guidance on Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Key Stage 4

To support schools in meeting the statutory requirements for the Northern Ireland Curriculum and assessment at Key Stage 4 and the Key Stage 4 Entitlement Framework, CCEA have produced guidance on teaching, learning and assessment at Key Stage 4. The guidance supports principals, senior leaders/managers and teachers to plan and develop quality teaching, learning and assessment at whole-school and classroom levels. The focus of the guidance is on supporting pupil progression and improvements in learning across the curriculum. The guidance aims to encourage and promote:

  • effective and manageable planning and development of quality teaching, learning and assessment;
  • an integrated and coherent approach to teaching, learning and assessment that focuses on progression, improving learning and raising standards;
  • the teaching of skills and capabilities alongside knowledge and understanding through enquiry;
  • developing a shared understanding of standards; and
  • the effective use of assessment data to:
    • improve teaching and learning;
    • track and monitor pupil progress;
    • identify low and underachievement;
    • set targets and for benchmarking; and
    • contribute to raising standards