Assessing Using ICT

Young people will use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills throughout their lives — in commerce and industry, in science and research, in entertainment and leisure pursuits — and it's a rapidly changing spectrum.

In school, ICT forms a vital part of every pupil's developing knowledge, understanding and experience. Pupils need a broad range of experiences that reflect real-world uses of technology. Therefore, they need support to acquire and develop the skills necessary to become informed and responsible users of ICT.

Using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) describes the ability to handle and communicate information, solve problems, pose questions and be creative through the use of technology.

The focus on Using ICT means that pupils should have opportunities to transfer their knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of meaningful contexts across the curriculum. This includes:

  • collaborating inside and outside the classroom;
  • sharing and exchanging work; and
  • exhibiting and showcasing their learning.