Non-Statutory Assessment Guidance – The Developmental Stages in Learning

Your school will have received copies of the ring binder Foundation Stage Non-Statutory Assessment Guidance. This contains a guidance booklet for Foundation Stage teachers and the Developmental Stages in Learning grids for Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT.

The Developmental Stages in Learning are non-statutory and have been provided to support Foundation Stage teachers when assessing the Cross-Curricular Skills. To access our Foundation Stage Online Course on using the Developmental Stages, go to online courses.

The Developmental Stages in Learning can help you:

  • gauge each pupil’s stage of development when they start Year 1, taking into account what you learn from pre-school providers, other professionals and parents or carers;
  • use this to find a starting point for assessment, acknowledging that your pupils will progress at different rates;
  • have a focus for your regular observations of individual pupils’ skills and identifying their needs;
  • track the progress of an individual or group of pupils;
  • make formative and summative judgements about your pupils;
  • help ensure a smooth transition from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1; and
  • report effectively to parents on your pupils’ progress in the Cross-Curricular Skills.

The Developmental Stages create an assessment continuum which dovetails into the Levels of Progression. They provide a framework for discussion during internal standardisation meetings, where you can use the language of the Developmental Stages to discuss your observational assessments of pupils, photographic or video evidence, or samples of your pupils' work.