Key Stage 3

Ready ReckonersReady Reckoners

The purpose of this resource is to assist teachers and pupils in levelling a piece of work. The Statutory Requirements are listed on the left hand side with the key word underneath summarising the focus of the Requirement. Key words or short phrases are given at each level and a word highlighted in bold indicates that this is what differentiates it from the previous level.

Ready Reckoner for Reading 64 KB - uploaded 10-27-2015

Ready Reckoner for Talking & Listening 69 KB - uploaded 10-27-2015

Ready Reckoner for Writing 63 KB - uploaded 10-27-2015

Interactive Levels of Progression Interactive Levels of Progression

CCEA has created a new interactive resource for the Communication Levels of Progression including all Key Stages: SEN, Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 & 3. It brings together the levels of progression, the expansions documents and the ready reckoners in one easy to navigate system.

The resource is designed to fully support progression. Teachers can choose a mode, select a requirement and have a choice to either move between the full range of levels from the Q skills through to level 7, or select specific levels as a focus. In addition, teachers are able to view related tasks and exemplification linked to the requirement they have selected.


The levels of progression for Communication
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Leibhéil de Dhul Chun Cinn – Cumarsáid
82.33 KB - uploaded 04-02-2014
Ráitis Shínte (1-7) Cum-Léith
373.78 KB - uploaded 04-02-2014
Ráitis Shínte (1-7) Cum-ÉTL
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Ráitis Shínte (1-7) Cum-Scríbh
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Generic Characteristics of Communication
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Tréithe Ginearálta sa Chumarsáid
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