End of Key Stage Reporting

The revised statutory assessment arrangements require that primary schools should assess end of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils with reference to the Levels of Progression for Communication (English and or Irish) and Using Mathematics.

These levels can be found in the Key Stage 1 & 2 Assessment Arrangements booklets available on the Key Stage 1 and 2 Assessment section.

This means that schools are required to report overall levels in both of these cross-curricular skills.

Additional Information

Schools are required to report the following information to parents at the end of each Key Stage as specified in Schedule 2 of the 2009 Order:

  • a statement of the level of progression expected for a pupil at the end of that key stage in each cross-curricular skill;
  • a statement of the percentage of pupils in the final year of that key stage in the school:
    • attaining each level in that cross-curricular skill;
    • attaining the expected level or above in that cross-curricular skill;
    • working towards the level expected for a pupil at the end of that key stage;
    • exempted from assessment in that cross-curricular skill.

Where a pupil has been exempted from any part of the assessment arrangements in that school year a statement to that effect should be included.

To support schools additional information sheet templates are available here. These should be tailored by each school to reflect their outcomes.

Levels and the Annual Report

Schools are required to report end-of-key-stage outcomes and information as specified in 2009 Order, by 30 June if available.

However, it is not a requirement that this information is included in the Annual Report itself, and the information may be issued separately to parents.

Schools are not required to use the downloadable templates available here. These are only for those who wish to do so.