Annual Report, Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Annual Report to parents?

The fundamental objective of the Annual Report to parents is to make sure parents get the information they need about their child’s progress and achievements in school.

The Regulations propose common coverage of reporting so that no matter what school a child attends, every parent will receive the same breadth of information about how their child is doing.

This includes primary and preparatory schools, special schools, special units and Irish Medium schools and units.

Is there a set Annual Report format that schools have to use?

No, schools are free to use any type of format they wish, however a number of templates are available on the Annual Report page.

Can schools continue to handwrite the Annual Reports to parents?

Yes, if a school prefers to handwrite the Annual Report to parents they are free to do so.

What should teachers include in the Annual Report to parents?

Having reflected on the entire academic year with a pupil, teachers select the information most significant in terms of moving that pupil forward in his learning and development.

Can schools include assessment outcomes in the Annual Report?

Yes, if schools wish to provide parents with additional information, they can. This means that if schools provided parents, for example, with class test outcomes or other assessment information, they can continue to do so.