Key Stage 3

Schools need to plan reporting alongside assessment. They should establish efficient and manageable reporting processes and procedures. For each pupil in Key Stage 3 schools are required to provide an annual report to parents. This should provide information about their child’s progress and achievements in all aspects of their learning. Schools are also required to keep a formative record for each pupil.

Schools should ensure that they have effective reporting procedures in place which:

  • are child centred and focus on the individual;
  • are efficient and manageable;
  • reflect the language of the Northern Ireland Curriculum;
  • facilitate the integrated reporting of subject knowledge and understanding, in addition to skills and capabilities;
  • are based on the teachers’ professional judgement and on dependable assessment evidence;
  • are based on a common approach within schools to reporting performance in terms of grades, marks and so on;
  • support improvements in the pupil’s learning;
  • encourage pupil motivation and commitment to learning;
  • provide meaningful information about the pupil’s achievements and progress and how learning can be improved;
  • support planning for future learning;
  • encourage parents’ involvement in their child’s learning; and
  • comply with data protection legislation.

Useful Links

Education (Pupil Reporting) Regulations (Northern Ireland)


Guidance on Subject Assessment at Key Stage 3
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Parents' Guide to Assessment, Key Stage 3
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