External Moderation at Key Stage 1 & 2

The purpose of moderation is to confirm to schools and other education partners that the standards which schools are applying in teacher assessment are appropriate and consistent. Moderation for Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT in 2018-2019 will involve:

  • a review of samples of pupils’ work within agreed school submissions. Each submission should contain samples of work that are representative of the levels that the school intends to award to its Year 4 and Year 7 pupils. This process will involve all schools and will take place in mid-February (for Communication and Using Mathematics), and mid-March (for Using ICT).
  • moderation follow-up which will apply only to those schools whose understanding of the standards has not been verified in moderation. Schools will have the opportunity to avail of CCEA moderator support. This follow-up support will take place during June and September. A summary of all key dates associated with the Moderation process are outlined in the following documents:

Key Stage 1 & 2 - Key Dates and Actions Timetable 213 KB - uploaded 21-10-2019

EC1 agus 2 - Dátaí Tábhachtacha agus Gníomhaíochtaí 84.7 KB - uploaded 14-08-2018

Schools will be informed each school year of the skill in which they are to be moderated.

EMA Forms for External Moderation Submissions

You will need to include the forms listed below with your submission for Moderation:

  • one Declaration of Internal Standardisation (EMA1);
  • for Communication and Using Mathematics, one cover sheet (EMA6C, EMA6M or EMA6C[P/IM] for Irish Medium) for each level included within the school submission;
  • for Using ICT, one cover sheet (EMA6 IP) (EMA6 IP/IM for Irish Medium) included within the school submission;
  • one school summary sheet to be completed (EMA7P) (for Communication and Using Mathematics only).

Additional Moderation Materials

Key Stage 1 & 2 Communication - Moderation Submission Guidance Sheet 47.5 KB - Uploaded 24-01-2018

Measúnú Eochairchéimeanna 1 agus 2 Modhnóireacht Treoir d’Iontrálacha Scoile (An Chumarsáid) 53.6 KB - Uploaded 12-02-2018

Eochairchéimeanna 1 agus 2 - Leathán cumhdaigh punann scoile - EMA6C (P/IM) 139 KB - Uploaded 12-02-2018

Key Stage 1 & 2 Communication - Checklist for return of materials for Moderation 68.3 KB - Uploaded 24-01-2018

Key Stage 1 & 2 Using Mathematics - Moderation Submission Guidance Sheet 103 KB - Uploaded 18-01-2019

Key Stage 1 & 2 Using Mathematics - Checklist for return of materials for Moderation 68.4 KB - Uploaded 24-01-2018

Key Stage 1 & 2 UICT - Guidance on how to create and submit your electronic ICT submission 576 KB - Uploaded 17-12-2018

Key Stage 1 & 2 Using ICT School Cover Sheet (EMA6 iP) 136.6 KB - Uploaded 26-01-2018

Using ICT Principal Moderator's Report on Moderation 2017/18 266 KB - Uploaded 07-01-2019