Links to Initiatives in the United States with parallels for the NIC

The Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in

The Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education was a group of educational leaders brought together by the Obama administration to investigate the quality of education in the United States. The commission ran from 2011-2013 and produced a set of detailed reports on assessment and how it can be used to support educational improvements.

The Partnership for 21st Century

P21, The Partnership for 21st Century Learning (formerly the Partnership for 21st Century Skills) is a US educational initiative founded in 2002 as a coalition bringing together business, education, and policymakers to start a national conversation on the importance of 21st century skills for all students. There are a range of reports and other resources downloadable from the site.

What Works

What Works Clearinghouse is a US-based website that supports informed education decision making. It does this by identifying studies that provide credible and reliable evidence of the effectiveness of a given practice, program, or policy (referred to as “interventions"), the WWC aims to inform researchers, educators, and policymakers as they work toward improving education for students.

High Tech

High Tech High began in 2000 as a single charter high school launched by a coalition of San Diego business leaders and educators in response to the challenge of finding qualified individuals for the high-tech work force. In particular, concern about the digital divide of low numbers of women and ethnic minority groups in the fields of maths, science, and engineering.

The school uses project based learning to inspire students to be passionate about learning and acquire the basic skills of work and citizenship. Examples of projects and the approaches used are available from the website.