Drugs Education: Revised Guidance

CCEA, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessments, has published revised guidance on Drugs Education to primary and post-primary schools across Northern Ireland.

The revised guidance has been updated to reflect new legislation, technological advances and societal changes which affect how schools deal effectively with these sensitive issues.

The new guidance outlines the current issues and provides a useful context for how these important areas should be addressed within schools and why. It will also help schools create a meaningful policy for Drugs Education and help principals and teachers manage potentially challenging situations.

Also contained within the guidance are more sources of information and the reasons behind the changes to the previous guidance on Drugs Education.​

Appendices 5 and 8 have been developed into an interactive format so that schools can download and complete these resources online.

Appendix 5 - Drugs Incident Report Form 69.8 KB - uploaded 10-13-2015

Appendix 8 - Referral Pathway Form 69.8 KB - uploaded 10-13-2015


Drugs Guidance for Schools in Northern Ireland
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Alcohol and drug services for young people
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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use
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