Foundation Stage The World Around Us

The World Around Us

Children are interested in and curious about the world around them. Before starting school, they will have had opportunities to explore the world in the home, in pre-school settings and their local area. We should build on these pre-school experiences to foster the children's natural curiosity.

Children should have opportunities to use their senses to develop their powers of observation, to be able to:

  • sort and classify;
  • explore;
  • predict;
  • experiment;
  • compare;
  • plan; and
  • carry out and review their work.

For further details see the Statutory Requirement for the World Around Us at Foundation Stage.

Curriculum Objectives

The learning opportunities provided through the World Around Us should help young people to develop as:

  • individuals,
  • contributors to society, and
  • contributors to the economy and environment.


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Curriculum Planning

At Foundation Stage, the World Around Us is presented as four inter-related strands that connect learning across geography, history, science and technology.

Progession Grids

The following documents illustrate the statutory requirements as suggested learning intentions. They can be used to help plan learning, teaching and assessment in this area.

Strand 1 Strand 2 Strand 3 Strand 4

Science and Technology: Progression Guidance Science and Technology: Progression Guidance

Use this guidance to gain greater confidence in whole school planning which ensures progress in children's learning.

Science Through Stories Science Through Stories

See how stories have the potential to motivate and engage learners through scientific enquiry. Resources for all Key Stages.

The World Around Us Implementation Project The World Around Us Implementation Project

This project followed the progress of a number of primary schools around Northern Ireland as they implemented the World Around Us.