Using Mathematics at Foundation Stage

Using Mathematics

Using Mathematics is the skill of applying mathematical concepts, processes and understanding appropriately in different contexts. Ideally, teachers will use relevant real-life situations that require mathematical thinking.

Pupils are likely to acquire and consolidate their mathematical knowledge and skills within the Area of Learning for Mathematics and Numeracy. Teachers should also give them opportunities to transfer their understanding, as appropriate, to other contexts across the curriculum.

Pupils can demonstrate their mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of ways to:

  • communicate;
  • manage information;
  • think critically;
  • solve problems; and
  • make decisions.

See Assessment at Foundation Stage for more details.


For more information on Mathematics contact:

Lyn Lynch
(028) 9026 1200 ext. 2607


Developmental Stages in Learning

The Developmental Stages in Learning are non-statutory and support Foundation Stage teachers when assessing the Cross-Curricular Skills.

They provide a continuum that allows schools to take a holistic approach to developing and assessing the Cross-Curricular Skills. The Developmental Stages in Learning grids show the progression or steps that pupils may take to reach Level 1 of the Levels of Progression.

See the Developmental Stages in Learning for more detailed advice and guidance.

The Levels of Progression for Using Mathematics at Key Stage 1 and 2 are set out in can-do statements. These show the continuum of skills that pupils should be able to demonstrate so they can build the numeracy skills needed for functioning effectively in life and the world of work.

Online Courses, Video Library and Exemplification Library

To access the Foundation Stage online course and Video Library, go to CCEA Training, log in with your C2k details and select the Foundation Stage online course.

Our Foundation Stage online course covers the Developmental Stages in Learning and shows how pupils may progress to Level 1 of the Levels of Progression.

The Exemplification Library and Video Library for Foundation Stage contain samples of pupil work and videos from Northern Ireland classrooms.

Our Tracking Progression online course, available in the Foundation Stage Portal, shows the work of pupils from two schools and the range of ability in each class: high, middle and low. The teachers have used the Developmental Stages in Learning for the Cross-Curricular Skills as the framework.

Financial Capability Microsite Financial Capability

This microsite provides information and educational resources that teachers will need to deliver effective lessons in personal money management. It aims to develop young people’s financial understanding, skills and confidence. This will help them to develop effective decision-making skills.