Key Stage 1 & 2 Mathematics and Numeracy

Mathematics and Numeracy

Numeracy is the development and application of mathematics across the curriculum and in real-life situations. Numeracy skills help pupils to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.

Mathematics and Numeracy includes Processes in Mathematics, Number, Measures, Shape and Space and Handling Data. All of these are all interrelated, but Processes in Mathematics applies to all areas.

Throughout primary school, pupils engage in a wide range of purposeful activities that involve them in different modes of mathematical learning. These include playing, exploring and investigating, doing and observing, talking and listening, asking questions, reflecting, drafting, reading and recording.

For further details, see Statutory Requirements for Mathematics and Numeracy at Key Stage 1 and Statutory Requirements for Mathematics and Numeracy at Key Stage 2.

Curriculum Objectives

The learning opportunities that Mathematics and Numeracy provide help young people to develop as:

  • individuals;
  • contributors to society; and
  • contributors to the economy and environment.

The Cross-Curricular Skill of Using Mathematics

Using Mathematics involves applying mathematical concepts, processes and understanding appropriately in a different contexts. Ideally, these contexts should be relevant, real-life situations that require a mathematical dimension. Pupils acquire and consolidate their mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills within the area of learning for Mathematics and Numeracy.

For further details on Using Mathematics, see Using Mathematics at Key Stage 1 and Using Mathematics at Key Stage 2

Assessing Using Mathematics

Assessing how well a pupil has used mathematics in a variety of contexts across the curriculum helps you to monitor and track the effectiveness of the numeracy strategies in your school.

For details on the assessment of Using Mathematics, see Assess and Progress.


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Classroom Activities Classroom Activities

We have separated these Classroom Activities from our existing resources so that teachers can easily see the topics covered.


Financial Capability Microsite Financial Capability

This site equips teachers with the information and educational resources they will need to deliver effective lessons in personal money management. Personal financial education seeks to develop young people’s level of financial understanding, skills and confidence allowing them to make effective decisions throughout their lives.


These five learning resources aim to improve teacher knowledge and confidence in supporting prematurely born children in the classroom.

Revised Lines of Development for Mathematics and Numeracy

The Revised Lines of Development support teachers to implement the Curriculum. They provide a detailed line of progression in mathematics that teachers may find useful when developing their schemes of work.

The Revised Lines for Development are a tool to promote good practice in teaching and learning. Although they provide a focus for formative assessment, teachers should not use them for summative assessment because aspects of mathematics are frequently introduced long before we could expect pupils to master them.

Revised Lines of Development for Mathematics and Numeracy: Processes in Mathematics 87.7 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Number: Understanding Number and Number Notation, Patterns, Relationships and Sequences, Money 176.61 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Number: Multiplication – Multiplication and Division, Division 143.23 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Number: Addition – Addition and Subtraction, Subtraction 155.03 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Measures 158.38 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Shape and Space 99.67 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Handling Data 155.79 KB - uploaded 13-01-2014

Count, Read: Succeed

A strategy to improve Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy.

Count, Read: Succeed, A Strategy to Improve Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy

Comhair léigh leat éireoidh Straitéis le Torthaí a Fheabhsú sa Litearthacht agus san Uimhearthact

Count, Read: Succeed, A Strategy to Improve Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy  1.7 MB - uploaded 21-04-2015

Further details on the strategy are available on the Education NI website