Key Stage 1 & 2 Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education gives children the opportunity to give specific attention to their physical development, health and well-being.

The programme for Physical Education is presented in four activity areas in Key Stage 1 and five in Key Stage 2. Pupils should participate frequently and regularly and experience a range of enjoyable and challenging physical activities that develop and consolidate the full range of fundamental movement skills.

For further details see the Statutory Requirements for Physical Education at Key Stage 1 and the Statutory Requirements for Physical Education at Key Stage 2.

Curriculum Objectives

The learning opportunities that Physical Education provides should help young people to develop as:

  • individuals,
  • contributors to society, and
  • contributors to the economy and environment.


For more information on Physical Education, contact:

Jenny Robinson
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Thematic Units

Let’s Get Moving, or in Irish medium schools: Bogaimis Linn! explores the theme of the Victorians through the context of creative dance, to help children develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and support an active lifestyle.

Aim, Aspire and Achieve Aim, Aspire and Achieve

A thematic unit which helps schools celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games (but can be adapted to celebrate other international sporting events).

Recognise and Remove Concussion - Recognise and Remove

This website includes key information about concussion and what action to take if concussion is suspected. The website also provides multi-media teaching aids and other useful resources to help get the important message across to pupils of all ages. Take a look at the new Recognise and Remove website.

Every Sport for Everyone Every Sport for Everyone

‘Every Sport for Everyone’ means exactly what it says. It means that every sport can be adapted in some way to include all players, with and without a disability. A disability can refer to an intellectual disability or a physical disability. It is important that every individual is included in sport and this can be achieved across all sports.

The resources contained within Every Sport for Everyone are aimed at anyone who helps pupils take part in sport, including teachers, teaching assistants, coaches and parents. They are particularly useful if you are taking a group of pupils who are of mixed ability or if only some of the pupils in the group have a disability. The resources provide ideas on how to ensure the sports are as inclusive as possible.

Best Foot Forward for Schools) is a Key Stage 2 teaching tool developed to help teachers bring the advantages of using sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing into the classroom.

Useful Links

Please review all links to judge their suitability before using them with your class.

BBC Bitesize Primary Physical Education series of video clips that support teaching primary Physical Education.

Val Sabin PE Resources valsabinpublications.comThis website has a wealth of comprehensive resources, training and support for teachers of all areas of the Physical Education curriculum, including lesson plans, assessment sheets and schemes of work.

BBC Learning School Radio – Dance Radio offers three co-ordinated series that provide a comprehensive Dance resource for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Physical Education lessons.

Hertfordshire Grid for Learning site provides a range of teaching resources to support Key Stage 1 and 2 Physical Education.

Youth Sport Trust youthsporttrust.orgThis site is provides expert information on the power of Physical Education and school sport to deliver whole-school positive outcomes to improve attainment, physical and mental well-being and inclusion. The site provides a range of training, support, websites and excellent research articles on Physical Education, sport, health and well-being.

Sport NI sportni.netThis site provides resources, information about sports programmes, funding opportunities and links to other relevant sport, health and well-being sites and resources.

Disability Sport NI equality of access to sport and active recreation opportunities for people with a disability in Northern Ireland. It develops and delivers training and educational initiatives that contribute to a sports and active recreation sector in Northern Ireland that is more inclusive of people with disabilities.The siteprovides a range of training, excellent resources and links to other relevant organisations and resources.