Criminality and Paramilitaries


Lesson 1: Why do paramilitaries still exist?

This lesson relates to why paramilitaries are still in existence today after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. It requires pupils to think about the impact that paramilitaries are having in our communities and come up with recommendations to help tackle paramilitary activity.

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Lesson 2: The effects of organised crime and paramilitaries in communities

This lesson relates to the impact that paramilitary organisations are having on people in Northern Ireland. Pupils consider what organised crime is and the activities it involves. They think about who are the most vulnerable in society and at greatest risk from paramilitary organisations. The lesson also allows pupils to explore why paramilitary-style attacks occur and consider whether they are ever acceptable.

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Lesson 3: Crime in our communities – what can we do?

This lesson relates to the types of activities carried out by paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland. It encourages pupils to think about the different crimes that are committed, including a number of difficult issues, and evaluate their role in society when it comes to tackling crime. Pupils also explore the role of paramilitaries in our society and the impact they can have.

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