Using Drama

The film “A Stone’s Throw” has been produced by Cinemagic in association with CCEA and deals with the risks and consequences of anti-social behaviour. In addition, a stage play version of the film has been devised by Maire Campbell. The film and script are available here for schools to use free of charge.

There are five accompanying lesson plans that deal with issues arising from the film such as conflict and peer pressure. The lessons use drama and active teaching and learning strategies to support and develop the teaching of Active Citizenship at Key Stage 3. Teachers do not have to be Drama teachers or have had any training in Drama to adopt and develop these lessons.

Stage Play Script  714 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

Using Drama to Promote Active Citizenship  223.9 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

Lesson 1: Family Relationships and Conflict  232.7 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

Lesson 2: Peer Pressure  228.8 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

Lesson 3: Consequences  229 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

Lesson 4: Jack’s Mental Health  227.6 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

Lesson 5: Jack’s Journey  219.3 KB - uploaded 11-03-2019

The following films and accompanying resources were created by Cinemagic Belfast to support the NI government's Fresh Start Plan (2015) and its aim to promote the rule of law and tackle paramilitary activity. Each lesson uses a film to explore issues such as justice, fairness, lawfulness and contributing positively to society.

Please note that only the Cinemagic films are available for schools to screen online. Schools must ensure they have a PVS license to screen any of the other films identified in the lesson plans.

"Punch" Lesson Plan. Theme: Violence  605.11 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"Delicate Things" Lesson Plan. Theme: Reconciliation  668.7 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"Chancer" Lesson Plan. Theme: Justice  598.69 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"Chancer" Lesson Plan. Theme: Forgiveness  613.53 KB - uploaded 11-10-2018

"The Good Friday Agreement" Lesson Plans  797 KB - uploaded 21-03-2019