The Role of the NI Justice System


Lesson 1: Types of sentencing

This lesson requires pupils to explore the different types of sentencing in place for those who commit a crime. They will identify the advantages and disadvantages of different sentencing types.

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Lesson 2: The Prison Service of Northern Ireland

This lesson requires pupils to think about the prison system. It allows them to explore prison life and the impact it can have on prisoners, as well as a number of issues that can affect life behind bars.

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Lesson 3: Young offenders

This lesson relates to young offenders and how they can be encouraged to stop any reoffences after they have served their time behind bars. It also introduces the role of the Youth Justice Agency in Northern Ireland and looks at the similarities and differences between youth and adult experiences of incarceration. The lesson primarily gets pupils to consider how offenders can integrate themselves into society and respect the justice system.

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