Staying Safe and Making Choices


Lesson 1: Paramilitary groups in communities

This lesson relates to young people and their experience of paramilitaries. It invites them to consider why young people might think about joining a paramilitary group. They also look at the potential consequences, both for those who join and for others in the community.

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Lesson 2: Safety and human rights

This lesson relates to the potential negative consequences of risk-taking behaviour and asks pupils to think about safe alternatives. It requires them to look at their rights as young people and evaluate how these rights can be denied by involvement in paramilitary-style behaviour. It also allows pupils to explore the importance of making good choices.

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Lesson 3: Risks and making better choices

This lesson relates to the specific risks involved in joining a paramilitary-style organisation. It requires pupils to evaluate the impact that taking these risks can have on a young person. It also looks at how people could be encouraged to stop taking the law into their own hands. Pupils have opportunities to think about how they could make better choices and what the government can do to help.

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