Physical Education

Physical Education

Participation in Physical Education enables young people to learn through movement so that they develop, extend and refine their skills in a range of movement contexts. Physical Education should also help young people to develop positive attitudes towards participation in physical activities in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Active, enjoyable and challenging learning experiences in this area aim to help young people to develop:

  • positive attitudes to and enjoyment of physical activity;
  • an awareness of the positive impact of physical activity on health and wellbeing; and
  • positive relationships, sportsmanship, fair play and respect for differing capabilities.

Schools are the most important context for promoting healthy lifestyles in pupils. Health Related Physical Education (HRPE) in Northern Ireland positively influences pupils’ knowledge of and attitudes towards physical activity.

For further details, see the Statutory Requirements for Physical Education and Non-Statutory Guidance for Physical Education.

Key Elements

The Key Elements provide a means to connect learning in Physical Education to Learning for Life and Work.

Physical Education is a natural fit for the Key Elements of:

  • Personal Health;
  • Personal Understanding;
  • Mutual Understanding; and
  • Moral Character.


For more information on Physical Education at Key Stage 3 contact:

Kathryn Gilbert
(028) 9026 1200 ext. 2632


Every Sport for Everyone Every Sport for Everyone

‘Every Sport for Everyone’ means exactly what it says. It means that every sport can be adapted in some way to include all players, with and without a disability. A disability can refer to an intellectual disability or a physical disability. It is important that every individual is included in sport and this can be achieved across all sports.

The resources contained within Every Sport for Everyone are aimed at anyone who helps pupils take part in sport, including teachers, teaching assistants, coaches and parents. They are particularly useful if you are taking a group of pupils who are of mixed ability or if only some of the pupils in the group have a disability. The resources provide ideas on how to ensure the sports are as inclusive as possible.

Aim, Aspire and Achieve Aim, Aspire and Achieve

A thematic unit which helps schools celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games (but can be adapted to celebrate other international sporting events).

Recognise and Remove Concussion - Recognise and Remove

This website includes key information about concussion and what action to take if concussion is suspected. The website also provides multi-media teaching aids and other useful resources to help get the important message across to pupils of all ages. Take a look at the new Recognise and Remove website.

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Useful Links

Please review all links to judge their suitability before using them with your class.

Physical Education Lesson Plans Sample lesson plans based on inclusive, fun PE games.

Teaching Ideas - PE A large collection of ideas and free downloadable resources to use in physical education lessons.

BBC Bitesize KS3 Physical Education A selection of video clips on the topics of dance and sports.