Overview of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Key Stage 3 applies to pupils aged 11–14 in school years 8, 9 and 10.

At this stage the curriculum is delivered through Areas of Learning organised as subjects and taught by subject specialists. Leading on from the focus on child-centred learning at primary school, pupils’ experiences now also include more enquiry-based, problem-centred, and decision-making activities.

Key Stage 3 pupils need opportunities to develop the Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities in greater depth. Planning for this and assessing the skills takes co-ordination between a range of subjects and teachers. Schools also need to plan how pupils’ experiences of Key Stage 3 will relate back to Key Stage 2 and prepare them for Key Stage 4.

The Big Picture of the Curriculum at Key Stage 3

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The Education (Curriculum Minimum Content) Order (Northern Ireland) 2007legislation.gov.uk