SEN Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities framework

The SEN Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities framework aims to help learners develop their skills for lifelong learning and operating effectively in society.

This resource supports the planning, development and assessment of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities for learners with special educational needs (SEN). It includes information about progression maps, as well as supporting activities and classroom resources.

Observation recording sheet

The observation recording sheet allows teachers to record observations and progression through one of the progression maps. The observation sheet can be passed on to the pupil’s next teacher at the end of the school year for them to continue adding observations. In this way, the observation sheet will give a holistic view of the pupil’s progression throughout their school life. *Currently only available on desktop computers.

Supporting Activities

These activities are a snapshot of the types of activities that you will be using in your classroom. They illustrate how you can use everyday activities to develop learners’ Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. Most of the activities apply to real-life contexts, which allow the learners to connect them to everyday situations.