Module 1 - Why Assess?

This module focuses on the rationale for assessment. It provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on the variety and purpose of assessment types carried out in their school. It also allows them to see how the Levels of Progression fit into the overall framework for assessment.

You may wish to familarise yourself with the Resources content of this module before beginning the module.

Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Audience: Whole school

Led by: Assessment or Literacy Co-ordinator

Module outcomes

The teachers will:

  • be able to categorise the uses of assessment;
  • recognise the pros and cons of assessment types and associated outcomes;
  • discuss how assessment outcomes can be used to inform future planning, teaching and learning;
  • reflect on the purpose of the Levels of Progression in the Northern Ireland Curriculum;
  • identify their school’s current position in terms of using the Levels of Progression; and
  • identify the next steps for their school.