Module 1 - Why Assess?

Before the meeting please ensure that you:

  1. Become familiar with tasks in this module;
  2. Liaise with the Assessment/Literacy Co-ordinator to ensure effective delivery of the module;
  3. Ensure all teachers are aware of the types of assessment used in the school;
  4. Prepare required photocopies for tasks;
  5. Ensure all teachers have copies of the Levels of Progression in Communication across the Curriculum;
  6. Watch Video 1 – Why Assess? This clip will give you an idea about how your teachers may respond;
  7. Watch Video 2 – Why assess The Big Picture?. Consider what views your teachers might have about this. Consider what best practice looks like; and
  8. Become familiar with the ETI document The Inspection and Self-Evaluation Framework (ISEF): Effective Practice and Self-Evaluation Questions for Primary.