Module 2 - Setting the Standard

Before the meeting please ensure that you:

  1. Become familiar with the tasks in this module;
  2. Ensure all the teachers have copies of the Levels of Progression in Communication across the Curriculum and Expansion of the Levels of Progression for Reading and/or Expansion of the Levels of Progression for Writing, Ready Reckoners for Reading and Writing;
  3. Decide if you are going to look at the mode of reading and writing on one day or over two sessions;
  4. Prepare required photocopies for tasks;
  5. Become familiar with the CCEA Task and Exemplification Library;
  6. Watch Video 1 - The Ready Reckoner explained. A principal explains the progression of skills within the Reading Ready Reckoner at Levels 2 and 3;
  7. Watch Video 2 - Using Requirement 5 Reading Sorting Cards. Teachers at a training session justify why the statements on the Sorting Cards are at a certain level; and
  8. Watch Video 3 - Levelling Character Studies using the Ready Reckoner. Teachers discuss pupil work referring to the Ready Reckoner to justify their judgements.