Module 3 - Internal Standardisation

During the Internal Standardisation meeting ask your teachers to complete this task:

Task 1: Discuss the benefits of Internal Standardisation

Time: 30 minutes

Discuss the benefits of Internal Standardisation. For example:

  • continuing professional development for teachers;
  • engagement in professional dialogue;
  • highlighting progression of skills and areas for improvement;
  • promoting effective planning, teaching and learning; and
  • celebrating achievement.

Ensure that there are enough copies of pupil work for all teachers. The context in which each piece of work was completed should also be available to teachers. You may wish to use a Pro Forma template below or an alternative template created by your school:

As this process acknowledges the professional contribution of each teacher, engagement from everyone is important. Advise teachers that differences of opinion may occur. When this happens, it is important to refer to the statutory Levels of Progression in Communication across the Curriculum and to the CCEA Task and Exemplification Library, as required.

Teachers discuss each piece of work using the Expansion of the Levels of Progression in Communication across the Curriculum: Primary (Levels 1 to 5) and the Ready Reckoner to guide decisions and agree on the final level. You may also wish to consider where the piece sits within a level.

Come to a consensus for each piece of work and record the decisions for internal reference purposes. (This process should take at least one hour for each mode, but this depends on the number of pieces that are being used.)