Primary links with Using ICT

You will find that the current Using ICT activities that you carry out in your school all fit into one or more of these three strands of the Digital Skills Framework. You may also find that there are new types of activities that you can start to develop that up to now have not traditionally been part of Using ICT.

As CCEA provides more resources and guidance about this digital framework, you may want to consider how your current Using ICT activities can address the different strands and also think about covering activities that up to now have not traditionally been part of Using ICT, for example understanding how digital devices are designed and built and how the internet works.

The relationship between digital skills and Using ICT

The Levels of Progression in Using ICT can be used formatively and summatively to provide a framework for moving children’s digital skills forward and assessing their ability across the 5 ‘E’s: Explore [1 & 2], Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit).

For example, children should be provided with opportunities to:

  • Explore, access, select, and interpret digital information from a range of reliable sources and enquire, investigate and solve problems in digital environments;
  • Create, develop, present and express their ideas using a range of digital technologies;
  • Communicate safely and responsibly using a range of digital methods and tools and exchange, share and collaborate developing ideas digitally;
  • Use digital tools to talk about, evaluate, review and make improvements, reflecting on the process and outcomes, including safety, reliability and acceptability; and
  • Manage, present, publish, exhibit and showcase their learning across the curriculum using a variety of digital platforms and technologies.

Appropriate Using ICT assessment opportunities will be identified in all digital skills teaching and learning units.