Case Studies & Pilots

Key Stage 3 Regional Pilot

This pilot scheme ran from September 2004 to June 2007. The pilot consisted of fifteen post primary schools, from across the five education and library boards, bringing in the curriculum changes a year in advance.

The schools’ participation and feedback on the appropriateness of training developed for the implementation of the new curriculum has proved invaluable in informing subsequent programmes.


End of Year 1: Curriculum Implementation
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End of Year 2: Planning for Assessment
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The World Around Us Implementation Project

This project followed the progress of a number of primary schools around Northern Ireland as they implemented The World Around Us.

World Around Us Implementation Report
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Connected Learning

Collaborative Learning Projects - (Post-Primary)

The following case studies report on a number of the Key Stage 3 Regional Pilot Schools' collaborative learning projects.

Aquinas Grammar School, Belfast
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Bangor Academy and Sixth Form Centre - It's A Wrap
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Bangor Academy and Sixth Form Centre - Pirates
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St Peter's High School, Derry
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Ideas for Connecting Learning (ICL) Pilot (Primary)

'Ideas for Connecting Learning' are a range of materials being developed for primary schools. This trial aims to develop and disseminate good practice models for the implementation of the revised curriculum by designing and creating unique and dynamic support materials that are fit for purpose . The following case studies show the trial of the Year 4 & 5 and 5 & 6 ICLs with a range of year 5 teachers from schools new to the project, both enriched and non-enriched.

Loughview Integrated PS, Belfast Case Study
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St. Mary’s PS, Dunsford Case Study
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Christ the Redeemer, Belfast Case Study
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Glenwood PS, Belfast Case Study
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Planning for Connecting the Learning

Case Studies of Collaborative Learning and Teaching at Key Stage 3
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Connecting the Learning: Collaborative Unit (Key Stage 3)

The following document shows how Bangor Academy and Sixth Form Centre planned and scheduled a Collaborative unit led by Arts subjects.

Collaborative Unit: Planning Trial, Bangor Academy and Sixth Form Centre
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Learning for Life and Work (Post-Primary)

The following case studies emerged from a number of pilot schemes of the strands within Learning for Life and Work.

Local and Global Citizenship

This case study follows the implementation of Local and Global Citizenship at this Grammar School.

Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast
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Establishing a School Council

This case study follows how Little Flower school planned and set up a school council.

Little Flower Girls' School, Belfast
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This case study details the implementation of the Employability programme in Larne Grammar School.

Larne Grammar School
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Personal Development

Description of the introduction of a Personal Development in La Salle Boys' School, Belfast.

La Salle Boys' School
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Personal Development & Mutual Understanding (Primary)

Walk Tall Together Pilot Evaluation 2005

This report evaluates the Walk Tall Together Programme which ran from August 2004 to June 2005.  Participants included teachers, pupils and parents.

Download Evaluation Report
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Creating and Developing a School Council

A case study from St Mark's PS, Twinbrook, Belfast on how it developed its own School Council.

Download Case Study
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The zip file below contains the templates and action plan that St Mark's used when creating their School Council.

Download Templates and Action Plan
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Promotion of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

A report on the implementation of PDMU at Cranmore Integrated Primary School Belfast in 2005-2006.

Download Case Study
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Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

Developing Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities at Foundation Stage

The following case studies show how Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities (TSPCs) were developed in Early Years classrooms.

Snowy Solution – Developing TSPCs at Foundation Stage
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Three Little Pigs and One Big Bad Wolf – Developing TSPCs at Foundation Stage
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