• Results of GCSE Examinations are issued in the form of nine grades A* to G. This section is split between full and short course. Candidates who fail to reach the minimum standard are ungraded.
  • Results of GCE Advanced Examinations are classified into six grades of pass lettered A* to E. Advanced Subsidiary Examinations are classified into five grades of pass lettered A to E. There is also an unclassified category.
  • Results of the Entry Level examinations are classified into three grades of pass numbered 1 to 3. There is also an unclassified category.
  • The grade outcomes in this booklet are broken down by examination centre type as well as by gender. The centre classifications within the booklet are Grammar Schools, Non-grammar Schools, Further Education Colleges and Other (which also includes entries from privately entered candidates).
  • The Council is prepared to respond to bona fide requests for further statistical information for research or other purposes, provided the Council is satisfied as to the nature of the use for which the information is required.