Embedded opportunities for eSafety in the curriculum

Central to our curriculum is its aim to equip our young people to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives, and we see eSafety as an important aspect of this. It’s not just about the technology, but also core concepts of personal safety, of showing respect for others and of critical discrimination.

There are embedded opportunities for eSafety in the curriculum, particularly within the Using ICT framework, through which pupils are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of eSafety, including acceptable online behaviour, for example by evaluating the safety, reliability and acceptability of sources, and by communicating safely and publishing their ideas responsibly.

Through education, CCEA believes that our young people can become responsible, safe, digitally aware citizens who can make a positive contribution to society and the economy. We will continue to work with the Department of Education, the Safeguarding Board Northern Ireland and other agencies to promote this through the upcoming Strategy and to ensure that schools have access to appropriate information and resources.