e-Assessment Questionnaire

Closing date for CCEA Accreditation - e-Assessment Questionnaire extended to Friday 17 January 2014

Schools and colleges in Northern Ireland are currently using e-Assessment arrangements with a range of general and vocational qualifications. The use of e-Assessment has been increasing over the last number of years as more qualifications provide opportunities for its use. In general centres have reacted positively to this development within qualifications.

CCEA Accreditation is working with colleagues in Scotland (Scottish Qualification Authority) and Wales (Welsh Government) to investigate issues of readiness within centres for the use of e-Assessment. To support development we are carrying out a survey to explore centre capacity, including school and practitioner readiness. The outcomes of the survey will inform our future work in this area.

A questionnaire aimed at all levels of staff in schools and colleges has been available on our website from 18 November, with the closing date recently extended to Friday 17 January 2014. Complete the questionnaire here. We would encourage you and other members of school staff to participate in this survey. We stress that responses will be treated in confidence and that our final questionnaire report will not refer to individual schools or colleges.

We are really keen to get your feedback. By taking part in this survey you will be:

  • playing your part in influencing future developments in e-Assessment; and
  • helping to identify issues related to e-Assessment in your own school/college.

Your school/college may also wish to volunteer* for a case study that will raise the profile of your own e-Assessment programme both inside and outside of your school/college.

We would also like to keep you informed on the e-Assessment questionnaire, survey results and other ILT/ICT co-ordinators news via email. If you would like to receive these updates please contact Claire Louise McCallan via email: cmccallan@ccea.org.uk with your contact email address & centre details.

If you have any queries regarding this questionnaire, or questions regarding e-Assessment in general, please do not hesitate to contact Roger Trigg, Qualifications and Skills Accreditation on tel: 028 90 261202 [Ext 2911] or email: rtrigg@ccea.org.uk.

*There is an opportunity to volunteer your centre for a case study at the end of the questionnaire.

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