End of Key Stage Assessment Arrangements: 2016/17

Information in relation to the End of Key Stage 1-3 Assessment Arrangements for 2016/17 that have been formally approved by the Minister.

As stated in DE’s recent letter to principals (see link below) issued 24 August 2016, schools should continue to report outcomes in all three cross-curricular skill areas. The key changes from 2016/17 onwards are in relation to Using ICT; moderation becomes statutory from September 2016 and the assessed levels should be sent to CCEA by the end of the academic year.

The assessment arrangements are intended to support learning and teaching in the classroom. The moderation process forms part of the assessment arrangements. As previously stated, CCEA provides a range of detailed information on the arrangements, explains the various components and timing of the arrangements, and indicates the action schools need to take.

We wish to draw your attention to the following important information and web links.

Assess & Progress - Assessment Arrangements and related information ccea.org.uk/curriculum/assess_progress

  • Assessment Arrangements for Key Stages 1-3 (available now);
  • Supplementary Guidance on the Assessment Arrangements for Key Stages 1-3 (available by 30 September 2016);
  • Key dates poster clarifying what schools and CCEA will do this year in relation to the moderation process (available by 30 September 2016).

To assist with assessment planning for 2016/17, schools have been allocated one of the three skills for moderation this year. Information specific to schools was contained in a letter posted on 2 September 2016.

CCEA’s role in moderation is to support schools’ own standardisation and understanding of Levels of Progression (within and between schools). CCEA continuously reviews the assessment arrangements with DE and teachers, and has endeavoured to reduce the workload for teachers. CCEA will continue to implement the three-year rolling programme of moderation in full, i.e. if your school is to be moderated in Communication this year, it will be three years before it is moderated in the same skill again.

Throughout this year, CCEA will continue to provide support and professional development with regard to the Cross-Curricular Skills, including online and face-to-face training events, as well as case studies for teachers (Key Stage 3). Details will follow shortly.

For queries regarding any aspect of the arrangements please email keystagequeries@ccea.org.uk


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