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What's New in eCandidate Record Sheet (eCRS) from November 2018? (03/12/18)

What has changed? Why? And who it effects.

What's New in eCandidate Record Sheet (eCRS) from November 2018?  498.3 KB - uploaded 03-12-2018

E-Moderation Functionality Change (Examinations Officers only) (01/03/18)

Following the redesign of the CCEA Central Login website, the following functionality has been removed from E-Moderation Admin:

Create new user - You can no longer create a new user directly through E-Moderation Admin. To add a new user to your centre, please navigate to the My Centre section of Central Login and click on the "Add a new user" icon

2016 E-Moderation Feedback Response (22/12/16)

Based on the feedback from users of eCandidate Record Sheets (eCRS) in summer 2016 significant changes have been made to the application and subject specific units.

Subject specific changes - details of subject specific changes will be emailed to the appropriate registered users in January 2017.

What has changed for all units. A link to this document is also available within the eCRS application.

2015 E-Moderation Feedback Response (22/12/15)

2015 E-Moderation Feedback Response - This document is to highlight CCEA's response to issues raised by users.

GCE/GCSE eCandidate Record Sheets - Scope for Summer 2016 (16/10/15)

A circular has been issued to centres informing them of the E-Moderation scope for Summer 2016. This circular is to notify centres of the GCE/GCSE eCandidate Record Sheets (eCRS) scope in 2015.