E-Moderation News

Scope for GCE/GCSE E-Moderation in summer 2013 (25/10/12)

The scope for GCE/GCSE E-Moderation in summer 2013 has been confirmed. Three additional subjects will have compulsory use of eCandidate Record Sheets (eCRS). The additional subjects are GCSE Engineering, GCSE Learning for Life and Work and GCSE Technology and Design.

List of all subjects/units with compulsory use of eCRS in summer 2013.

Level Subject Unit/Component New
GCE AS Moving Image Arts AX11  
GCE A2 Moving Image Arts AX21  
GCSE French speaking tests GFR1  
GCSE Gaeilge G9561
GCSE Engineering GEE1 YES
GCSE German speaking tests GGE1  
GCSE Irish speaking tests GIR1  
GCSE Learning for Life and Work GLW1
GCSE Moving Image Arts GMX1
GCSE Spanish speaking tests GSP1  
GCSE Technology and Design GTD4 YES

Centres already using eCRS on an optional basis in other subjects will continue to do in summer 2013.

Centre reports (26/07/12)

Centre reports for E-Moderation compulsory subjects will be emailed to the Head of Centre, as registered on the E-Moderation admin system, and copied to the registered lead teacher. The GCE Moving Image Arts centre reports will be issued on 16 August 2012 and GCSE ICT, Moving Image Arts, Languages and Gaeilge on 23 August 2012. Centre reports for E-Moderation optional subjects will be issued in hardcopy with all other subject reports.

E-Moderation applications available (17/04/12)

E-Moderation applications including the eCandidate Record Sheet, ePortfolio Sample Uploader and GCSE ICT Foldermaker have been updated and are now available for use in the Summer 2012 series. E-mails will be sent to Lead Teachers today (17th April 2012) to provide instructions.

New eCandidate Record Sheet application available (01/03/12)

The new eCandidate Record Sheet application is now available. We hope the new application will provide an enhanced experience for users. A summary of the main changes include:

All users

  • Improved screen layout.
  • Hover facility available on tabs to explain the functions.
  • Facility to see incomplete actions at candidate level.
  • eCandidate Record Sheet does not open in a popup.
  • Save buttons have been removed and automatic save included.
  • Ability to tab between mark fields in eCandidate Record Sheet.
  • Ability to assign a teacher code to all candidates.
  • Consortium candidates are listed on the same screen.
  • Ability to add an individual candidate if not already entered with CCEA.
  • Validation of entered candidate names against pre-entry upload of names.

Lead teachers

  • Internal Standardisation tab automatically populated with the names of those teachers assigned to candidates.
  • GCSE Langauges/Gaeilge – facility to attach additional information.
  • Facility to add a ‘pirate entry’ has been removed.
  • Facility to print the confirmation of successful submission added.

Points to note regarding the transfer of data to the new application:

  • Marks, comments and teacher codes already recorded have been transferred across to the new application.
  • If you used the pre-entry upload facility you will be asked to confirm that the entered name for the candidate number is correct for the candidate’s name uploaded.
  • The Internal Standardisation tab will populate names with those teacher codes assigned to candidates. If you have already confirmed Internal Standardisation you will be required to re-confirm this before completing the process.
  • Teacher codes already set up will show the teacher code in the teacher name field – this can be updated to the full name by CCEA, on request.

New E-Moderation site set things out simply (09/02/12)

An E-Moderation microsite is now live on the CCEA website. This area will be an essential resource for centres to keep them informed of E-Moderation developments and to provide a central place to locate all required information and materials.

Using E-Moderation applications for coursework/controlled assessment unit will be mandatory for the following subjects in summer 2012:

  • GCSE Languages
  • GCSE Gaeilge
  • GCE/GCSE Moving Image Arts